Organizing Committee

Conference Chairs

Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University, USA)
Dor Abrahamson (UC Berkeley, USA)

Consultant Chairs

Michail Giannakos (NTNU, Norway)
Janet Read (University of Central Lancashire, England)

Technical Program and Publication Chairs

Greg Walsh (University of Baltimore, USA)
Christopher Frauenberger (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

Full Paper Chairs

Mike Horn (Northwestern University, USA)
Bieke Zaman (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Short Paper (Notes) Chairs

Karen Fisher (University of Washington, USA)
Tamara Clegg (University of Maryland, USA)
Kimiko Ryokai (UC Berkeley, USA)

Demo Chairs

Marcelo Worsley (Northwestern University, USA)
Jerry Fails (Boise State, USA)

Publicity and Social Media Chairs

Anna Weltman (UC Berkeley, USA)
Ting Siu (SFSU, USA)

“Industry and IDC” Research Panel Chairs

Jeremy Roschelle (SRI, USA)
Mindy Brooks (Google, USA)

Student Volunteer Chairs

Richard Davis (Stanford University, USA)
Veronica Lin (Stanford University, USA)

Session Chairs

Day 1, June 28
– Session Research Concepts & Participatory Design: Chair Tammy Clegg
– Session Learning and (Parental) Engagement: Chair Lisa Anthony

Day 2, June 29
– Session Health, Wellness, and Development: Chair Narcis Pares
– Session Coding and Computational Thinking: Chair Mike Horn

Day 3, June 30
– Session Peer & Robot Interactions: Chair Matthew Berland
– Session Literacy and Mixed Learning Environments: Chair Chris Frauenberger

Social Activities Chairs

Kiera Chase (UC Berkeley, USA)
Engin Bumbacher (Stanford University, USA)

Learning Sciences and Interaction Design for Children Panel Chairs

Michelle Wilkerson (UC Berkeley, USA)
Yasmin Kafai (UPenn, USA)

Workshops / Courses Chair

Shuli Gilutz (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
Tamar Fuhrmann (Stanford University, USA)
Bertrand Schneider (Harvard University, USA)

Research and Design Competition Chairs

Arnan Sipitakiat (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
Ben Shapiro (UC Boulder, USA)

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Juan Pablo Hourcade (University of Iowa, USA)
Matthew Berland (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Chronis Kynigos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)

Work in Progress Chairs

Nathan Holbert (Columbia University, USA)
Lisa Anthony (University of Florida, USA)

Special Panel on the 50 years of Logo chairs

Mike Eisenberg (UC Boulder, USA)
Jeanne Bamberger (MIT/UC Berkeley, USA)
Richard Noss (University College London, England)

Associate Paper Chairs

Kylie Peppler (Indiana University, USA)
Jasmine Ma (New York University, USA)
Iman Chahine (Georgia State University, USA / University Johannesburg, South Africa)
Andrew Manches (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Sharona Levy (University of Haifa, Israel)
Yishay Mor (Levinsky College of Education, Israel)
Michiel Veldhuis (Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands)
Chronis Kynigos (University of Athens, Greece)
Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki (Landmark College, USA)
Narcis Pares (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain)
Michael Tan (National Institute of Education, Singapore)
Vincent Geiger (Australian Catholic University, Australia)
Wolmet Barendregt (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Anna Shvarts (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)